PEARL JAM at The RIDE Festival 2016
July 9th, 2016 || Telluride Town Park || Telluride, CO

As featured previously on Amps & Green Screens.

TELLURIDE, CO (JULY 9, 2016) – The RIDE Festival was held July 9 & 10 in beautiful Telluride, CO. This gorgeous little tucked away town in the mountains was rocking all weekend. The amazing scenery mixed with the absolutely stunning festival weather created an almost perfect atmosphere. And well, let’s be honest – with PEARL JAM headlining night one and CAGE THE ELEPHANT headlining night two, it couldn’t get much better!

As PEARL JAM’S Eddie Vedder walked on stage with his customary bottle of wine, it was almost as if he was at a loss for words looking out at the packed house of Telluride Town Park. However for those of you that have seen PEARL JAM perform before, you know better. 29 songs later (including a 9?!?!? song encore?) many words were spoken. What fans had been waiting for all day in the hot sun was a long night with their PJ family – and boy did they get it.

Starting off the night with “Nothingman” was a great way to ease the die-hard crowd into what was to be a long night. With classics such as “Better Man”, “Even Flow”, and “Black” spread throughout the setlist, mixed with covers of “Comfortably Numb” (PINK FLOYD), “I Won’t Back Down” (TOM PETTY), & “Crazy Mary” (VICTORIA WILLIAMS), PEARL JAM surely delivered. The energy of the performance was palpable in the air from the minute Eddie and company took the stage.

Towards the end of the main set Vedder called on stage the two winners of the local KOTO Community Radio ‘Eddie Vedder’ Karaoke Contest held during the week leading up to the event. Organized by KOTO, the local event saw fans perform a series of three songs – any Pearl Jam/Vedder song, any song in the style of Eddie Vedder, and lastly a judge’s choice. The winning group were two girls from Telluride who were able to come on stage and sing a few lines of “Daughter” with Eddie. Truly a magical moment for all involved and a memory that will never fade.


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