September 8th, 2016 || Marlin Room at Webster Hall || New York, NY

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NEW YORK, NY (SEPTEMBER 8, 2016) – Let the record state THE DEAD DAISIES served notice to The Marlin Room at Webster Hall attendees that they were here and ready to rock New York City. Add in a special guest appearance from GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Richard Fortus and message received loud and clear. Kicking off the set with their cover of THE SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND’S “Midnight Moses”, the band proved they are a Rock Supergroup in every sense of the word.

John Corabi’s stage presence can easily be felt whether you are crammed up against the stage with your hands in the air or grabbing a beverage at the bar. Not only is it the rock-and-roll fashion style, but also it is his wailing vocals that send chills up and down your spine. Lead guitarist Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE, DIO) and rhythm guitarist and co-founder David Lowy are a two-headed monster that spits melodic riffs that you can feel in your bones. Joining Aldrich and Lowy in this rendition of the rock-and-roll supergroup is Marco Mendoza (ex-THIN LIZZY) and former WHITESNAKE and BILLY IDOL drummer Brian Tichy.

Throughout the 75+ minute set, THE DAISIES slammed through a great mix of classics and originals. After getting the crowd rocking with “Midnight Moses”, the boys hit a one-two punch of “Mexico” and “Evil” off 2015’s release Revolucion. Fortus, currently on break from the Not In This Lifetime Tour joined his former bandmates for “Evil” and let it show why he is a rock legend. Mesmerizing the crowd with his guitar licks and slides, if only for a few moments, Fortus put on a show for the fans packed into The Marlin Room. Adding a guitarist like him to the well-tuned machine of this band is just the cherry on top of the cake.

Touring in support of latest release Make Some Noise, the group played several tracks from it including “Long Way to Go”, “Mainline”, “The Last Time I Saw the Sun”, and the title track. “Make Some Noise” is a catchy rocking jam that would resonate just as well in a large, sold-out football stadium as it did in this small, intimate NYC club. Sprinkled throughout the set were covers of THE WHO’S “Join Together”, THE BEATLES’ “Helter Skelter”, and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL’S “Fortunate Son”.

In the end – THE DEAD DAISIES know how to rock and they proved it. With this being their first ever NYC headlining show, one can only hope that they make more stops in the Big Apple on each subsequent tour. The fans in New York deserve it as much as the rock-and-roll supergroup.

A good friend once asked, “When was the last time you had a good time?!?” The answer is whenever PSSR is in town! Earlier in the night, legendary this NYC rock group served as direct support for this show. These guys have bounced from one dive bar to the next hot, sweaty, rockin’ gig for years, decades even. Lead by the eccentric HONKY TOAST frontman, Eric Toast and current G N’ R drummer Frank Ferrer, these guys deliver. Joining Toast & Ferrer are lead guitarist Rob Bailey and bassist Brett Bass.

Whether you see this band at a big venue such as Webster Hall or a dive bar – you know you’re in for a treat. The crowd was in for an extra special treat tonight though: Fortus decided to drop by and play some tunes with his longtime bandmates and friends. It’s always special seeing megastars on stage, but it’s THAT MUCH BETTER when it’s a small club gig in NYC. While 45 minutes may seem like a lifetime to some, it felt way too short for PSSR.

Toast is the wacky frontman that just encapsulates you in the moment. Whether it is the white-on-white-on-white threads he’s wearing, his crazy smile, or his one of a kind voice – Toast grabs your attention from the minute he steps on stage. Bailey shredded through songs left and right and proved he’s one of the best out there on the scene. Whether it was jumping up and down, running from one side of the stage to the next, or sprawled out across the stage floor – Bailey furiously hit each note with such passion that your eyes couldn’t help but stray to him and his guitar.

Hot off the sold-out G N’ R tour for a quick minute, Ferrer provided the beat behind the kit for PSSR. For someone who has played all over the world in all types of venues, one would never know by looking at his face if he’s doing a small gig in front of a couple hundred or a hundred thousand people. He plays with the same passion and ferocity night in and night out and provides the background anthem for everyone to rock out to. Mixing Ferrer’s licks on the drums with Brett Bass’s funky low end – you’ve got a match made right there. PSSR doesn’t come around often due to crazy tour schedules and various other reasons, but I’ve heard through the grapevine there may be some additional dates in the works…New York, be ready.

Kicking things off for the evening were THE SWEET THINGS, also hailing from New York City. If I had to use one phrase to describe them: Glammy, punky, dirty rock-and-roll. You can’t use just one word. When you take the singing talents of Liza Colby, bluesy guitar riffs of Lorne Behrman, rhythmic drum beats of Darren Fried, funky bass grooves of Sam Hariss, Dave Tierney’s gritty vocals and throw it all in a blender – this is what you get. A perfect rock-and-roll match that guarantees a great time.

Make sure you go out and grab their recent release Rock Is Alive and Well. It’s definitely worth the money. Support these guys and go see them when they’re around the area. It seems like they are always somewhere in the city!


The Dead Daisies

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The Sweet Things

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