Ghost B.C.
May 16th, 2014 || The Chance Theater || Poughkeepsie, NY

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY (May 16, 2014) – It’s not often that one is able to see their favorite band in an intimate setting. This is the same band that has played festivals across the world over the past 5+ years and is lined up across Europe for the summer. A band that sold out a high-profile New York City venue with 2,000+ fans the following night. Nonetheless, Ghost B.C. rocked a sold-out crowd in Poughkeepsie, NY with almost 1,000 loyal disciples of Papa Emeritus II & the Nameless Ghouls. The Swedish metal rockers entertained the crowd with “Ritual”, “Prime Mover”, “Stand By Him”, The Beatles’Here Comes the Sun” and Rory Erickson’s fitting cover “If You Have Ghosts”. With the show coming to a close, the proverbial – “Monstrance Clock” – if you will, sent fans home happy after a long night of mass.

The Nameless Ghouls and Papa Emeritus II will head to Europe this summer to play numerous festivals before heading to Japan for the Summer Sonic Festival in late August.


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